Plan Sponsors

Ascend’s overall transparency, coupled with cutting-edge solutions, are customized and seamlessly implemented with proven results.

We provide fully integrated plans, tailored client by client, for optimal efficiency to lower overall program costs, provide value-added services improving adherence and quality of care. Tactical and strategic, our approach is consultative and embraces the evolving and dynamic pharmacy benefit environment.

Our goal is clear visibility into cost, utilization, finance, and quality. Ascend to a higher level of performance.

MCOs and Health Plans face a myriad of challenges while successfully delivering proven outcomes, seamless integration, cost controls and the highest quality of care. Ascend uses a transparent and comprehensive approach to arrive at the lowest pharmacy benefit management cost. We optimize the use of generics, using a holistic approach employing clinical tools, specialty, compounding administered through a robust platform for flexibility and actionable data.
We provide a wide array of proven clinical and administrative services, flexibility and configurability, plus actionable information at the point-of-care and point-of-sale while maintaining focus on total health and real health care value to plan sponsors and members.

Self-funded plan sponsors have the most latitude to manage their plan. The flexibility of self-funding maximizes the opportunities available to positively impact the bottom line and Ascend matches and exceeds those requirements.

Ascend takes a consultative, strategic approach addressing short-term issues such as drug pipeline management while remaining focused on the long-term, overall approach to reduce trend and assure appropriate utilization whether it takes the form of medication adherence, DUR or fraud, waste, and abuse programs.

Resources are limited and the labor sector faces unique challenges with timing and labor negotiation. Ascend is adept at making a major impact with little or no member disruption. Our advanced analytics identify high-cost patients and drugs for the management intervention rather than benefit structure management approach. We recognize that resources must be preserved to continue generous benefit offerings.

Budget challenges, statutory and regulatory requirements and political conditions add up to a very complex landscape that is difficult to navigate successfully. Couple that with rapidly changing healthcare environment and success is defined through tailored programs, reporting and regulatory compliance which are implemented at the local level. Ascend is sensitive to state, regional and local business and political climates, the cast involved and has the expertise to care for the pharmacy needs of these populations.

TPAs are adept at integrating programs and benefits. We support that effort providing value through lowest net cost networks and formularies, streamlined administration and demonstrable cost and quality.

Now more than ever, self-funded employers are seeking financial value from the health benefits plan they provide while still maintaining quality of care. Data and reporting to support both the prescription and medical benefits are readily available for immediate engagement and intervention. Our account management staff provides a simplified, streamlined, “white-glove” approach to facilitate the relationships, coordinate projects and resolve issues. Ascend’s offering is meant to reduce your workload and improve your clients’ bottom line.