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National Pharmaceutical Services (ASCEND) simplifies prescription procurement, tracking, and reporting for workers’ compensation programs. From injury to recovery, ASCEND employs more than 20 years of nationwide experience to improve utilization, protect workers, and make your job easier.

The Outlook

While the rising hard costs of prescription medications can put a tremendous cost burden on the pharmacy benefit, the potential for drug abuse raises the stakes even higher. Unseen factors are frequently exhausting healthcare insurance budgets. In fact, drug utilization (the type and number of medications injured workers are prescribed), is a significant workers’ compensation cost driver.

When key members of your workforce need pharmaceutical healthcare, having an affordable and vigilant program is invaluable.

Prescription drug abuse — particularly narcotic abuse — is the nation’s fastest growing epidemic. The number of prescriptions issued for opioid pain relievers in the U.S. nearly quadrupled since 1999.[1] The number of hospital visits due to prescription opioids has soared, while the number of related overdose deaths has also quadrupled since 1999.[2]

The costs of work-related injuries can be staggering. Beyond healthcare costs, employers suffer the toll of a diminished workforce.

Fortunately, restoring quality of life to get employees back to work can be part and parcel of managing an affordable pharmacy benefit program.

ASCEND Knows Workers’ Compensation

Starting with a specialized formulary — which can be tailored to address acute and chronic pain, or even specific injuries — ASCEND will entitle coverage to only those medications commonly prescribed in occupational injury cases. At the point of injury, ASCEND can issue a card preloaded with cost controls. For maximum value and convenience, plan-specific home delivery services are offered through the Integrated Home Mail Order (IHMO) Pharmacy.

ASCEND’s clinician-managed programs enhance drug utilization and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse, and actively hunt for invoices not typically related to on-the-job injuries. Finally, your plan will have the support of account experts that know the nuances of workers’ compensation in the necessary state(s) of jurisdiction.

  • • Get a solution tailored for you and your claimants. ASCEND can customize everything from your plan, formulary, and network design, to ID card, first fill, and mail order programs. Your program will be geared to put injured workers on the fastest, most feasible routes to recovery.

  • • See how every dollar benefits injured workers. You’ll receive regular reports, and can use ASCEND Online anytime to enroll claimants, approve prescription requests, generate reports, issue ID cards, and much more.

  • • Work with purpose-built systems, clinical programs, and expert support. ASCEND workers’ compensation solutions are not retrofitted commercial health packages. All solutions work in full compliance with existing and emerging state and industry regulations.